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New production and warehouse space

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This year, as planned, we successfully implemented the investment in the expansion of production and storage space. An additional space of 1.400m2 enables us much better organization of storage, while at the same time releasing additional space for expanding production.

Considering that our complete business facility was made modulary, this 3rd extension in the last 5 years has been successfully realized this time also without disturbing regular production.

The complete facility is made according to the highest safety standards, using rock wool thermal panels which feature exceptional technical characteristics in terms of energy saving, fire resistance and visual effects.

The new loading ramp within the warehouse space enables us a faster, simpler and more secure process of loading and unloading of goods, which brings a new quality to our work.

With this investment we have created the necessary infrastructure predispositions for better implementation of existing and new projects for our customers.

In the gallery you can see the photos of the construction through the phases.

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