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Purchase of 3D measuring machine

nova masina 0002 CMM 4Aiming at constant improvement of our quality control capabilities and after several months of intensive research, requirement analysis and several demonstrations that we have attended we have made decision to invest in brand new 3D multi-sensor measuring machine. As supplier we have chosen German company WERTH who are one of the leaders in measuring machines market. Together with their representatives we have chosen WERTH Scope Check 400 machine which has measuring range of 400x200x200mm and by combining RENISHAW PH6/TP200 head and touch probe together with 1/2" digital camera equiped with motorized zoom and auto-focus function provides very precise measuring options with unmatched repeatability compared to conventional measuring method which we have used so far.

Now our quality control can perform product quality checks much faster and more precise and this is very useful especially during PPAP process on which some of our customers insist. Also, with this faster and more precise measuring we are capable of performing better data analysis and detect eventual deviations much sooner and thereby make immediate corrections.

Installation of equipment as well as 7-day training of our employees in BEMA BA factory was performed by WERTH technical team which will also be in charge of periodic maintenance and calibration of equipment as well as for eventual technical support.

With this we have again confirmed our commitment for constant improvement of quality control level and investments in new technology as well as in new knowledge for our employees which will in the end enable us provide better service for our customers.

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