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Let's introduce…

Bema BA d.o.o. was established in 2003 as joint-venture between Bema Kunststoffen B.V. (Holland) and AMBRA d.o.o. (Bosnia and Herzegvoina) and has developed itself into a stable and reliable partner for designing and moulding of your plastic products.

Today, Bema is a modern processor of thermoplastics that processes most of the thermoplasts available on the market.

Our strengths are quality, flexibility, experience and reliability in combination with a vast knowledge of materials, engineering and processes.

This is reflected in our mission statement as well:

„BEMA BA designs and moulds high quality moulded plastic products to its industrial customers“

Bema has short lines of communication, is inventive, flexible and reliable and has a high degree of craftsmanship. The customer is always central.


The markets we serve are diverse and every market segment has its own requirements. Among our customers there are both stock-exchange-listed multinationals as well as SME’s .

Bema targets the following segments:Technical moulding, Packaging, Consumer products

However different these markets may be, the desire to reduce the time-to-market as much as possible and to control the costs is valid to everyone. As far as this is concerned, Bema is the right partner for you.


The products we make are diverse. Be it technical, aesthetic or functional properties, we produce to your requirements. Apart from custom moulding for both the technical and for the packaging market, we also have proprietary product assembly lines and possibilities of additional works such as printing, testing, packing etc.

You as our customer…

And what can we do for you? We can take care of the whole process from the initial, rough idea until the industrialisation of your product.

Where we step in is up to you: we can work out your product idea together, or you can come up with detailed drawings. Our design department possesses all the necessary knowledge and means.

We always strive to realise the various stages like finalising the drawings, production of the moulds, release samples and production start-up, within the agreed time-frame.

We take it for granted to do what we promised. Perhaps that is the reason why we have so many loyal customers.


Core activity of Bema is injection moulding. For this we have moulding presses with clamp forces ranging from 20 till 250 tons.


Our design department is capable to translate your rough idea into a producible and affordable product. We also take finished drawings as a starting point.

We work with the latest 3-D CAD/CAM software, and read and process all current formats like IGS, DWG, DXF. Upon request we can visualise your designs via renderings and PowerPoint presentations for those who are not very familiar with interpreting technical drawings and we also have ability to produce prototype products as well as 3D printed models.


Quality means: keeping our promises and if possible exceeding expectations. Each product gets its own quality protocol, as agreed with the customer.

The quality department is responsible for getting each product exactly according to specifications of the customer. We have state of the art measuring equipment that allows us fast and exact measuring with high precision and repeatibility.


Bema works, often for specific projects, together with various other companies in the supply chain. Examples are designers, mould makers, materials suppliers and colleagues in our industry.